About me


Hi everyone! Welcome to my page, and thanks for stoping by!

My name is Meriem, I live in Montreal and I’m originally from Morocco. I’m deaf, or half-deaf, or hearing impaired,or however you wanna call it! I read lips. No need to shout, exaggerate or over-pronounce your words. You will look silly.
Deaf not dumb.
I speak 4 languages: Arabic, French, English and Quebecer Sign Language.

Sign language is one of the most beautiful language ever!

I remember once, a lady said to me :” but how can you be deaf !? You’re so young and beautiful!” Hmmmm…. yeah…I wonder how is that possible….

I do not belong to either the hearing world or the Deaf community.
I was born in Morocco, and I’ve been living in Quebec for 25 years, I feel like I belong to neither.
I feel like I’m always seen as a foreigner wherever I am.
Al hamdulilah, in the eyes of Allah, I am not and that is all that matters to me.

I have come through many trials in my life, but that what makes me appreciate all the simple little things life has to offer.
I’m happily married, and I’m a mom of two adorables boys and surviving in this momyish life, cause God, it’s hard.

I’m a book worm. I love listening to classical and celtic music. I used to love fashion, now I’m just tired of it and don’t have the time anymore. I’m trying to be this wanna-be minimalistic mom. I love my coffee in the morning while watching a good TV show. I love staying with my pjs all day long (obviously). I like to sing out loud(it could be Beyonce or the Barney song) even if my voice sucks. The Backstreet Boys are my favorite band since elementery school (I just can’t help it) !

I thank God for giving me this ability to be grateful for everything and enjoying all the little things in life. Cause those little things might be big things for someone else.

This blog is about bits and pieces from my life. And I know, most of the time, my blog is inactive. Sorry for that! I did expect that blogging is so hard. Somebody help.

However, as a french girl, I challenged myself to blog in english so that I can continually improve it, but I will also write in french. So please, bear with me!

( You’ll excuse me for using too much exclamation points :-0 )

You also can follow me on Instagram: the.outsider.muslima.

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Wow subhannallah! ASL and QSL are very similar! Are you working as an interpreter? However, I did not growp with sign language since I’m oralist and have a hearing aid. I did learn the sign language a few years ago cause I was curious about it. Unfortunately, I have no one to sign with!


  2. So interesting! I wish I knew Quebec Sign Language. I minored in American Sign Language in college! I love the deaf community ❤


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