20 facts about me!



  1. I love celtic music🎼
  2. Im 31 years old.
  3. When I was a year old, I had a brain infection that caused a permanent hearing loss.
  4. I’ve been wearing hijab for 20 years now. 😔
  5. My husband is 12 years older than me. He is a great father and I have so much respect for him.
  6. This is my second marriage.
  7. I have Lupus, and Thyoid cancer. But don’t worry, Im not dying.
  8.  I am a liiiittle too obsessed about getting slim😞 but I love eating to much💃I’m so whitewashed.
  9. I never liked kids before and was not interested in having one. But guess what? I have two of them mashAllah. Go figure.
  10. I wanna be successful in life. But aren’t I already? (Trying to convince myself)
  11. Sometime I make stupid decisions like getting surgery in the middle of a school semester.Cause why not?
  12. I’m a book worm. Reading is my escape from the world.
  13. I hate to ask people to repeat over and over when I don’t understand something, so Im an expert of social bluffing: I keep smiling, I nod, I pretend that I understand and I laugh!
  14. I love biology.
  15. I have a fear of public speaking.
  16. I love school. I have a passion for knowledge. I would stay in school for ever!
  17. I miraculously lost 20 pounds right after giving birth to my first baby! Yay! Whitewashed again. Don’t envy me, It was probably because of #7.
  18. I was a tomboy in my early teen years.😎
  19. Im not an intense person, I’m a very carefree. You can call me boring.
  20. No habla espagnol.

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