My first pregnancy


When I first found out I was pregnant, I freaked out, a lot. I was mostly scared and I just could not picture myself as a mom (making someone else a priority, no sleep, diapers etc… blaaaaahhh I’llpass). I was just not ready. I wasn’t even sure I’ll ever be. I mean, what kind of life is that anyways. I was good so far, and “it” would only ruin my comfortable happy life. But everyone around me was excited, I was simply confused.  Good thing I’m a hippy inside, so my motto was: Que sera sera.

So I think everyone knows about what happens during the first semester right? NOTHING GOOD. I felt ugly, little depressed, bloated, and had morning-all day sickness. Why do they call it “morning” sickness? I seriously contemplated that question during 3 months. Al hamdulilah, it didn’t last long!

One hard thing was to fit those pregnancy side effects into my normal life. I still went to school until 4 months and worked part-time until 9 months. I don’t know how I managed to do both cause I’ve never felt so mentally drained. I’m usually very meticulous at work, but at that time, I made some bad mistakes. I once forgot about an important meeting (my boss had to call me to see if I was on my way…) and I made some payroll errors (overpaid some employees #oups).  I even wore my shirt backward once or twice (no one told me so I want to believe that no one noticed…). This is what they call “the pregnancy brain”. Be aware…It’s real… And can hurt…Really bad. Im pretty sure I did way more stupid things, even my husband gave up. At least I had an excuse…Im pregnant!

Some gain weight during their pregnancy, I miraculously didn’t (I seriously thought I’d look like big momma). But that’s mostly because I had no appetite or whatsoever. They say pregnant women have real crazy weird cravings, and if they don’t get what they want, the consequences will show on the baby. I say it’s a myth women invented to use their NOT pregnant husband and friends to get what they want :-). Have I gotten any weird crazy craving? Nothing like banana topped with ketchup and marshmallows, but I often craved some good Tunisian or Moroccan food that I did not get because I was too shy to ask for it (miskeena me I know).

Sleeping, shopping, sleeping, watching 90210, shopping, sleeping is pretty much how I spent my pregnancy (The Life). I loved getting pedicures at the end of the day. It helped me relax since I was sadly done all 5 seasons of 90210.

As the  pregnancy was progressing and my belly starting to show,  I started “connecting” (big word!) with my baby. Especially when we went to my (our?) first ultrasound and when I started feeling him moving inside of me (By the way, I was always the only one mommy-to-be-not-looking-pregnant in the waiting room). I was still not super duper thrilled about being pregnant. I just did not know how to feel about all of this.

– Them: Awww so cute, you’re having a booooyyyy!

– Me: (Meh) Thanks. *Hmmm, maybe I should’ve bought that bag I saw earlier…Too tired to wait in line. They should make an express line for handicaps and pregnant ladies.* (that’s me thinking out loud).

Overall, I had a good pregnancy. Everything went smooth, from beginning to end.  Lucky me, I wasn’t really showing until 7 months and I could wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (I know you’re jealous). I could do most of the things I wanted (driving, exercising, painting, redecorating…) even though I didn’t really do much before (jokes).

Being pregnant during summer made everything wayyyy better and fun! I could go anytime for a ice cream treat, I could wear flip-flops, and I did not need to buy maternity clothes because most of the time I was wearing maxi dresses and skirts.

Al hamdulilah, having the support of my husband is a big blessing. Everything is different when you have an understanding, patient, and supportive husband ♥.

I’m so blessed. God is Good. Al hamdulilah.


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